The sounds of Senegal add another dimension to my experience here. I've recorded a few of the sounds that play a role in my everyday life.

Baye Fall Chant - Unplugged (recorded in Jun 2011):

Baye Fall Chant - Electrified (recorded in Jun 2011):

Struggling with my Metal Door (recorded in Jun 2011):

Wolof Teenagers (Junior Environment members chatting on afternoon in Jun 2011):

Spanish Lessons au Senegal (recorded at my Girls Club, Sep 4, 2011 after my return from vacation in Spain):

Yoga in French (recorded for a Girls Leadership Camp in Bambey, Sept 25-30, 2011):

Voice of America story on Baol Environment and our Paper Briquette Project (a report by Amanda Fortier of VOA, recorded Dec 3, 2011):

Macky Sall Victory Party in the Streets of Diourbel (this recording, without commentary, captures the sounds of my neighborhood on Mar 25, 2012, just after President Wade conceded to President-Elect Macky Sall):

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