These are some of the videos I've shot since being in Senegal.  There's a mixture of ones uploaded via both Google and UTube.  They're all pretty short--just snippets of life here and there.  Enjoy!

This is a video I took just as the first rains of 2011 fell at the beginning of July.

First Rain of 2011

This one was shot sideways (sorry) but it gives you a glimpse of a Faux Lion show:
Faux Lion

This is my Girls Club on Easter Sunday explaining (in Wolof) the activities of the day:  Easter Egg Dying and Making Cascarones (a Mexican tradition):

My Girls Club singing the National Hymn of Senegal for me:

My Girls Club testing out the hoops we just made (note:  they're is strange groaning and moaning in this video because I had just challenged them to 5 minutes of silence):

Promotional video for the Peace Corps Marathon in Tambacounda:

The Moringa Song and Dance, as improvised by the women of Khokhe:
Moringa Powder Song & Dance

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